When can i receive my sales revenue?

I was wondering when am I supposed to receive my monthly sales revenue?
knowing that I already passed 50USD in total of the sales!

It is $50 usd and only when it is paid to Samsung so if this is purchased via a service provider or international transaction that payment to Samsung might not be realized. Also Samsung’s share is deducted and if there are VAT charges they are deducted.

Samsung Developer Relations

On the sales summary it shows that i have more than $50 with no refunds!
but on Settlement Reports there’s no information about any of the sales at all.

when can I withdraw my earnings?

The settlement reports often are different than the sales summary. Sales summary is based on the downloads whereas the settlement report is based when the money is realized (collected). International sales may take longer to be paid and if the purchases are through a service provider it can be weeks before they are paid to Samsung. I think it is when you pay your phone bill Samsung gets paid by the service providers.

Since sales summary is based on downloads, if you have coupons they show up in the Sales summary as a download and as a full price sale.

For more information specific to your case you should open a Seller Portal Help → contact us one one one request.

Samsung Developer Relations

Samsung keeps 30% so your sales need to be over US$72 in order to receive a payout of $50.

You will get the Financial Report at the beginning of the month with an expected payout. Not enough sales, no report. Then around the 20th you get the Settlement Report that tells you how much will be transferred. Payment is then made at the end of the month.

The Sales Summary Report you see in the portal does not relate to the other reports. I have never found a use for it.

Hope this helps.

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thanks for your answer,
But in total of sales in the last 2,5 years it says I have more than 120$ but I never received it

Only you can see the financial info, so you’ll need to contact Samsung through the Seller portal and ask them to research.