How long do I have to wait for commercial distribution

Hello, I applied for commercial distribution yesterday, I prepared my first theme and I am waiting for its approval. 24 hours have passed. When will it be approved?

Welcome to Samsung sellers !!

It takes several days to become a commercial seller and really depends on the banking information. If you can use Pay Pay it is pretty simple other banking can take a while especially if you and your bank are in different countries.

If you don’t have a response in 3 days open an 1:1 Enquiry in the seller store… generally they won’t tell you if their is an issue unless you request it. I’ve noticed that asking about the approval seems to trigger a response.

Here are some issues you might face

1: Your name does not match the government ID name. For example they have First name and Last name fill ins. I have first middle and last name in my government ID. To fix that I had to use my first and middle name as “first name” in the form.

2: Your banking information is not correct or can’t be verified for some reason.

3: As I said before the country where you are residing is not the same as the country where your bank is at. Students often have this issue.

Samsung Developer Program

If you are specifically asking about the timeframe for theme approval, right now, with all of the Android 11 activity rom developers (many, many themes for Samsung to test and approve), it is taking 7-14 days for theme approval.