Accessing raw SpO2, EDA, ECG, and temperature data

I am a researcher working on measuring physiological data such as SpO2, EDA, ECG, and temperature data. We would like to use Galaxy smartwatch 3 as a monitoring device for the research. However, before buying a lot of devices, i need clear and detailed information about the accessibility of SpO2, EDA, ECG, and temperature raw data. If i need to develop a samsung watch app that read and process through custom algorithms raw data coming from these sensors, is it possible?

I just want clear and detailed information before buying a lot of devices.

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You have to use Tizen Studio to access Watch Sensors. You can write as Web App or Native C/C++ for most sensor data. How it is interpreted is determined by the developer. There are examples in GitHub on most of this.

Here is the link to web app sensor data

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Perfect. Thank you
So I can create web app, install in the watch and allow the app to sync the raw data in cloud server?

Additionally, it looks like the Tizen web studio for web is not supported for Mac OS Big Sur?

Hello Ron. I am also interested in how to access raw ECG sensor data. The link to web app sensor data you attached does not seem to show that the ECG sensor is available. Is this correct? Thanks.

Don’t confuse the body sensors data with useable health data. That you need to create your own algorithm for human readable data. The last I looked a few years ago GitHub had SpO2 algorithm for Tizen Watches they probably have other as well. Check there.

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I would like to know how to read this body sensor data for ECG. And which body sensor data i use to determine SpO2 and how to read it. The main problem i’m having is on how to get this data.

Privileged Health Partnerships is open now. The Developer Partnership is still closed.

On this page New Health PlatformSamsung Privileged Health SDK | Samsung Developers Samsung Privileged Health SDK you can apply for the Partner App Program. That looks like it is only for established companies that currently have Health apps. This new SDK is only for Wear OS Powered by Samsung Devices.

Below that it has
Note :

The existing Samsung Health SDK for Android will continue to be supported. Also, for existing Samsung Health SDK for Android partners, we will shortly provide a guide for the use of the New Health Platform.
Go to Samsung Health SDK for Android. Samsung Health SDK for Android | Samsung Developers Where it says
Note :

We are currently going through an update to better support our partners. For that reason, we will not be accepting any applications for the Partner Apps Program at this time.

But you can download the old Android Health SDK there but you can’t get a health developer key so you can’t run it on your device in Developer Mode like you could in 2019

You can write your own health code in Tizen Studio for Check out this site

but it would be useful if you are writing Native, .net or web app. I think there are examples on GitHub.

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