ADB/Bluetooth debugging issue

You can follow the steps below to connect with WFS and Wear OS4 devices:

  1. Connected the watch and PC on the same Wi-Fi network
  2. Turned on the Developer Options on watch (Settings->About watch->Software->Software version)
  • Tap 5 times on software version. After tapping 5 times on software version, show a text that development mode is on
  1. Turned on ADB debugging (Settings> Developer options> ADB debugging)

  2. Turned on Wireless debugging (Settings> Developer options> Wireless debugging)

  3. Get the IP port from watch and put it on the IP port field on the WFS. Check the image below:

  4. Press on the “Pair new device” below the IP address and port option

  5. You will get a new pop up. Get the pairing code and pairing port from the pop up and put it on the WFS. Check the image below:

If you face all the steps and still facing the error, please try to restart your devices and try again.

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