Adding a Weather Complication (for Active2 Watch)

I’ve gotten & activated on OpenWeather API in Edit > Prefs. Where do I get a complication or widget to add to my Active2 watchface design? Are there different styles of widgets/weather complications I can choose from? If so, where can I find them? I looked under “Text” but Weather-related options are greyed out. Thx.

Hi @fotomaker01,

You can not use weather and health components together in GWS/GWD and that would be the reason the weather related options are grayed.

There are some built-in complication in GWS/GWD and you can find them under the “Complication” component menu below the serial where you have seen “Text”.


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Thank you, Azad.

That explains it! I had added (wanted) a heart rate component on the watchface too. Darn it. I removed that and the weather options became active under “text”.

Now I have a follow-up question related to the weather complication. What shows up now is text-oriented (per where the complication appears in the GWD software). If I’d also like a weather symbol or image (cloud, sun peaking out behind cloud, raindrops, lightning bolt, etc.) to appear alongside the text, how do I add that capability to my design?

Thx again for the advice!

Under the text options, add weather type. Then on the right under the Data Properties is a drop down box for Display Type - select Main, Icon, Description, Number and Id.

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Got it! That did it. Thx.

I also see the hover over descriptions (with the ‘?’) of how I can customize the icons in that center Data panel area. Cool.

Now I need to figure out a way to close the space b/wn the battery level status & its ‘%’ sign. It seems fixed & unalterable in that center settings panel … I can change the spacing for the coding related to “last updated” info for the weather. But there are only 3 fixed options (it seems) for the Battery % complication. I like flexibility to change stuff like that for aesthetics. But I’m pretty new to this so might be missing something.