Unable to create weather or custom complications

I have looked at the instructions on the Samsung website and the Android Developer website. I thought I had everything correct. Yet I still cannot get my weather complications to work. I keep getting the error message that my text does not have a bitmap selected.

Also, under Complications, I have the option to create a custom complication, but I cannot select it.

Last, Under Target Device, there isn’t the option for the Samsung Watch 4 Classic or Standard Edition.
I have everything from the Active 2 40mm to the S3 Gear and I don’t know how to change it.

Thanks in advance


first off you are using Galaxy Watch Studio which is for Tizen OS Watches (Galaxy Watch 3 and older) I’m moving this thread to the Galaxy Watch Studio for Tizen topic.

For custom complications highlight the complications or group of complications and right click on it. Then save it as a complication. You can then open it from complications → custom complications and add it to the same project or a new one.

If you like to reuse the same basic template it is a great way to jump start your next project.

It sounds like on your weather for text you changed it from TrueType to bitmap font so you could use images instead of the numbers for weather type. You may need to remap all the available numbers not just the ones want. If you can’t spot it I’d need more information.

For the Wear OS based Galaxy Watch4 and Watch5 you use Watch Face Studio it is similar to GWS but does not have weather and complications are different.

Hope this helps,

Samsung Developer Relations

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