Adding text output for missed calls & Text/RCS

I am looking to see if anyone can guide me on my first watch design, I am trying to add with a text output number of missed calls and number of missed SMS messages each in different outputs.
I have had no issue with Steps and Heart rate as these are in Tag expressions but cannot find information on how to output missed calls or Text messages anywhere throughout the forms.

Thanks for any support

Currently i think its not possible. Unless there is a missed call complication

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I appreciate the response, kind of sucky, doesn’t make much sense as it wouldn’t matter the Phone or texting app used to show these indicators.

There is a setting to show phone notifications and that should show when you a miss a call but not the number of them. I couldn’t find any app on Play Store that had the number of missed calls for a phone.

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On the phone it will show if you open your phone app. Under recent if i not mistaken, but that the phone not a app from google play

Thanks for the information, everyone. Basically, I had created a Watch face and had Phone and Message buttons and was hoping to have missed call indicators below them but seems unfortunately unsupported at the time. More so for my theme, as my HR and Step Counter have it below so it throws off the look of the face.
Thanks for all the responses though

Just wondering are Tag’s a limited by what Samsung chooses to add or are they limited by what google has allowed?

WFS chooses the tags they know will be on every Smart Watch running Wear OS. There may be more tags when only supporting Wear OS 3.5. Also the upcoming Wear OS 4 appears like it will add more Health Services options.

Having said that, the philosophy for Wear OS is to allow the user to customize their watches with complications.

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it is the same way if you open the phone app on your Watch. But I misunderstood and thought @jeffrey.reaume wanted a running total.

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