Advice on choosing application type

Just waiting on my Active2.

Want to develop a watch application which runs in the background during the night time. The application will wait for acceleratometer events. When movement happens,

  • I need to figure out the intensity and length of the movement
  • Store this in somewhere (sqlite?)
  • Along with heart rate at the time of the movement

Then I will need to offload this data into an app running on the phone (Android). Where I will be able to see history and charts and options and so on.

There are lots of options to choose from, Native, Web, .Net and so on. I think I also read hybrid.

I read that if you want background applications, you should be writing a Native Application in C/C++.
This page: gives 7 different options to develop with. I am not a great C/C++ developer, but can get by. I am not great with .Net C# either, but the development environment is easier. I am developing on Windows.

Given the above, which application model should I choose?
I am primarily concerned with choosing the correct option for the watch for battery efficiency and not conflicting (for example) with the sleep tracker application.


To handle sensors like accelerometer, heart rate (humanactivity api) and store it in sqlite, a file or even local storage you can easily use both Native C or Web API.

I would worry about using accelerometer and heart sensors in the same time for whole night. It might drain battery heavy.

I appreciate the response.
Since I use sleep tracking on the watch, I assume the heart rate gear is already active for the night.
I was hoping that while tracking the accelerometer, at the time of a movement, I could just fetch the heart rate at the time.

Really, I was expecting that while sleep tracking is active, all of this stuff is essentially available to any app running. Since sleep tracking is using the accelerometer and heart rate to decide if what stage of sleep you are in.

Good to know there are more options than simply storing the data in a sqlite database.