All projects are gone after installing Update :-( -!

How could this be???

I installed the new Update 103, selected a new folder called “Watchfacestudio2” for install (to have the old version as well) but after installing into Watchfacestudio2 the original folder “Watchfacestudio” has gone!!! But that folder contained the workspace folder with A-L-L of my new projects !!!
All *.wfs files seemed to be killed by the installer??? What moron has programmed an installer that kills all old project files and folders without asking??? facepalm

Has that happend to other guys too? Weeks of work killed by an installer??? in 20 Years of working in creative business ive never faced a complete stupid installer like this. facepalm

I hope that i have made something wrong and all project files are still there, but a search for “*.wfs” files failed. no such files found.

I didn’t have a problem and I kept it the same workspace. The workspace on installation by default was different than what I originally created so I changed it back to my original location. Is it possible your newly installed workspace is different. If that’s the case it may appear that they are missing.

For the installation of WFS 1.0 (weeks ago) i selected e:/programfiles/watchfacestudio/ and the workspace folder was in it…e:/programfiles/watchfacestudio/workspace
For the installation of WFS 1.0.3 i selected e:/programfiles/watchfacestudio2/ i thoght after the installation i have 2 versions in 2 different folders, watchfacestudio and watchfacestudio2. But that installer created the new 103 Version as wanted in watchfacestudio2 folder BUT deleted my whole watchfacestudio folder i used so far for weeks. The folder with all content (the workspace folder) has been deleted by that f*****g 103 installer.

normally when a programm is being uninstalled all folders and files (created by the user and not installation related) within the installation folder were not deleted by the uninstallation routine. but that crappy wfs-installer deinstalled/deleted the whole folder with all project files and weeks of work - without asking?.

that (noob?) guy that has written that crap-installer should be immediatley fired!!! re-write the installer asap to protect others having the same loss of work as i had!!!

I agree with you the installer should not have removed files and folders not installed and I will report this to the WFS Development team. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Having said that…
Windows guidelines are user files are never to be put in the \Program Files folder that is specifically reserved for programs.

Samsung Developer Relations

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The team that wrote this installer is probably the same that wrote the theme app update that deleted the app store icon from all home screens! LOL

When I first read the workspace was in the Program Files folder I knew from that point on what had happened. It is unfortunate it didn’t install a second version and preserve the older version. This reminds me to always be careful when selecting file locations at install and to always backup my data.

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The Developer Team was informed and will take steps such as a warning message.

Samsung Developer Relations