Analog Hour Hand Update Interval?

I have an issue where the analog hour hand takes many seconds/tens of seconds to update to the correct hour. The analog minute and second hands are fine, as are digital hours on the same watch face. I’ve tried both “sync to device” and manually setting the timezone in WFS and both exhibit the issue.

The hands and complications are not custom, they are from the examples provided with WFS.

I am using a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic with WFS 1.4.13 paired to a OnePlus7T android phone running Android 12. The watch software is up to date.

The issue seems to arise when an hour change occurs while the watch is not actively displaying the time, then when “flipping the wrist” to display the face, the analog hour hand time is frequently incorrect (usually behind by an hour or more). The minute hand updates to the correct minute within a second or two, but the hour hand can be “stuck” on the wrong time for many, many seconds. The digital hours indicated on the same watch face are always correct.

I’ve searched the support forum here without success.

Here’s an example - it took about 5 wrist flips and and at least 26 seconds to update the hour hand to its correct state in the 3rd photo. The first and second photos have the incorrect hour hand position. The digital hours, the analog minute hand, and analog second hand are correct in all three photos:

Thanks there is another report of this by @kshfahmy Here

Please remember that Watch Face Studio 1.4.13 beta is indeed a beta version. It is pretty good but please backup any of your projects before opening them with WFS 1.4.13 Beta as you can’t go back.

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