Android 12 issues

I registered a few themes with the new 12.0.15w.1 GTS and they all got rejected for the exact same 3 issues on Android 12 (2022 version):

  • “Lock screen” category, “General” tab: the camera icon remains the default one, even though I added a camera icon
  • “Notification panel” category, “Quick setting panel” tab: the bar colors are different from the ones I’ve chosen
  • visibility issues located here: “Execute keyboard / More / Text editing”

Device used for testing in all cases:

  • Detected Device: SM-G998B_TM, SW Version: G998BXXU3BUJI
  • Samsung Keyboard version :

In GTS, everything is displayed correctly.

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I also got a rejection on the clock app; one of the buttons is not the color I chose in the tool. And one in the calendar app. I can’t fix any of them.

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I recommend do not use GTS for Android 12 Themes yet, the Previews of Notification Panel and Keyboard are not reflect the One UI 4 on real device :wink: I had submit a ticket and waiting for answer.

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Up until now, all 7 themes I updated got rejected with the 3 issues I mentioned. And the keyboard problem is actually here:

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So we are only able to work on A11 themes since A10 is gone and A12 is full of bugs. Cool

Would be great for us to have a transition period with A10 back to GTS. In the meantime, they can fix all these A12 bugs and we don’t lose sales. Is not asking too much, just a couple of months

Have you reported these issues? And can you share Screenshots of the other 2 issues? So i can submit these issues in the Beta Programm too :wink:

I invited you also to our Group WhatsApp Group Invite

Regarding the following picture, the color of the bar on the left side is correct, but on the right side it should be dark green, as I’ve chosen in GTS.

And in the following picture, you can see that on lockscreen, there’s the default camera icon, instead of my icon.

And yep, I submitted these issues.

Thanks. Submitted in the Beta Programm too

Unfortunately the Notification Panel Preview in GTS 12.0.15 is incorrect to One UI 4

I also had the same problem. I don’t know when it will be fixed

You can fix Quick Settings brightness bar by choosing solid dark color for the progress background reason is opacity in the rom is 100% and yes its wrong preview image in GTS