GTS 12 notification panel

Hello everyone

I have received Android 12 on my “Note 20 Ultra 4G”
And I wanted to start converting my Android 11 themes to Android 12

But for some reason when I apply “preview APK” it doesn’t change the notification panel colors and also doesn’t change the PIN on lock screen

Even I made a new theme for test and didn’t work!
Am I missing something? Anyone know a solution?

And want to mention that the Android 11 themes still working on Android 12 and show the colors

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That’s right! Also, the clock and date settings on the lockscreen are not applied. The problem only applies to “S” from the last GTS. I sent an email to support on Friday and I’m waiting for a response.
It is very strange that such lazy amateurs still work in this company. We do not have a stable version of the GTS, and it’s already mid-February.


Yep. Also sent in a ticket about this on the 10th. Notification Panel and Quick Settings not theming.


I sent also a eMail and opend a Ticket. Still waiting for response. As @Alex_Pie said its really difficult to make a Stable GTS Version (ironie)

The funniest think, 2 Themes approved today and they have this Issue


Today a new version of the GTS was released, these problems were fixed. With the rest of the errors …, we are waiting for the firmware and application updates. :face_with_head_bandage:


Oh wow! Its been released like 3 months ago and still have this major problems?!

Good thing its been fixed now… lets wait and see

Thank you everyone for the response and all the information. I appreciate it


They rejected every one of my themes exported with v12.0.30w.1 due to the notification screen visibility issue…

At least they didn’t suspend my themes :slight_smile:

It’s also interesting that they don’t test a new tool before release. I’ve never heard of such a thing, it is just shocking. The notification screen visibility issue was something that would have been caught with the most basic of test plans :thinking:

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Another thing is interesting, they will fire an employee who made such a gross mistake or simply punish him. :flushed:

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There has never been a Issue like this since 2016 and it was fatal.

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21 more rejections this morning… all from the GTS version that was supposed to be good!

And because Samsung keeps 30% of sales, we are actually paying for this support, and eating the cost of all the rework :frowning:

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