Android 14 for SM-G996U Version G996USQU5CVDB

When will samsung upload android 14 for SM-G996U Version G996USQU5CVDB
There hasn’t even been android 13 update since May 2022 security patch.

Have they forgotten about us?
I can’t sign into my samsung account and enjoy the phone fully

Samsung Docs says that it was updated yesterday. It does take time depending on your country and service provider to propogate out.

Samsung Developer Relations

I understand that. But I’m still on android 12 not even 13. I can’t sign into my samsung account because of this outdated OS. I understand that being in a third world country but 2 years is too long for a rollout


That is probably be your service provider issue. Sammobile (not affiliated with Samsung) has a site you can download updates. First do a manual about watch check for Updates if that doesn’t work then Try THERE.

Samsung Developer Relations.

I have manually checked for the firmware.
The only available update is the same android 12 of May 2022 that I’m on.

Higher versions like android 13 and 14 are not available for my baseband version G996USQU5CVDB

Even in the official page the only available update was for android 12 dated 2022 .

I fail to understand how this could be a network carrier’s issue

The image you show was filtered for only showing Android 12

There are many variants of the firmware that depend on the Service Provider as well as the country. I believe but may be wrong that the OTA updates are done by the provider.

The Samsung Documentation I see has Android 14 released this week.

Take your filter off and see what it shows. Remember that is not an Samsung site.

Samsung Developer Relations