SM-T727U not supporting other languages

hi there, is this forum for Samsung software bugs reports?

just contacted support, and they don’t know how to fix this issue. So our tablet does not support other languages for UI, or not fully translated. support cannot confirm it’s a software bug

spent 25min with remote support team and via phone to confirm, but no results.

see images attached

thank you for help

The short answer is no, this forum is for 3rd party developer issues with tools and API’s. So unless this is a Samsung SDK and not in a partner program with it’s own support. There isn’t much we can help you with here.

But looking at your images, it could be that since you don’t have a SIM card for a specific country that the translations are not included. I’d try to purchase a pre-paid travelers SIM card for the country you are wishing to translate and see if that is the issue.

Samsung Developers Relations

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