Android 14 Themes - Unreadable text for unfixable flaw

Hello there, my theme’s update has been rejected due to this visibility problem.
As this dark theme of mine has no black (or dark gray) text in any of its resources, I deduce the displayed black color is an unchanged UI item.
Also this very same flaw happened before and the way I “fixed” it was to deselect the fold devices from compatible devices, as it seems to be displayed on those devices only.
But, as this is not supposed to happen anyway, I think the Galaxy Theme Studio team should fix it.


Check your Regular Button Text Color, the poor developers of this app are using both the Regular Button Text Color and Regular Buton Background colors as the text colors on this screen. Ive submitted reports but they don’t care any more and have refused to stop using Background colors for Text.

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FWIW i submitted a ticket on this when i got the rejection on Aug 8 :rage:

Thanks, that helped figuring out what was wrong with this.
The problem wasn’t just that the text color was taken from an unexpected resource, but that it applied transparency to it, so that it was even more difficult to identify it with a color picker.
So I started from Buttons Text Colors and it turns out they used the Button Dark Background Color for this tab text color.
Honestly I don’t even know if setting that color to a lighter one to fix this issue won’t cause another flaw somewhere else in the theme, but I hope not.
Again, thank you