Android Watch (396x396)

How to develop a watchface for 396x396 (Android Watch). there is an option to add the Binary.

that option is for the new Android watches, the suspected 11 officially coming out…and the replacement software for the GWD is rumored to be out at the end of the year … those options are there because a select group of designers have the beta … you can see the info about this in the “new version of the GWD” thread

Watch Design Tools will be available before the launch of the next Galaxy Watch is released.

Samsung Developer Relations


I wonder how we will release apps for the 396x396 (Android Watch):
Through Tizen Studio and uploading the .wgt file here?
Or Android Studio and the Play Store?

Will the wear os watch faces continue to be sold by the Samsung Store, or should I better switch to the Play Store? Can NET Tizen projects be converted to android projects? I am missing clarifying developer information on this business strategy change.

I am very unlucky about this change. Tizen was a good alternative against all the big players (Apple/Google)… So we’re going more and more into a monoculture… IMHO: That is not healthy.

But it is as it is…



The new WearOS Powered by Samsung watch apps/faces will only be sold by Samsung in China, Play Store will distribute for the rest of the world.

There is a tool that will allow designers to modify some simple versions of Galaxy Watch Studio built watch faces but Watch Apps have not conversion tool.

Samsung Developer Relations