Animation help

Is there a good animation help - also conditionals. maybe videos.

I read the docs and felt it was missing critical steps. I inserted an animation sample and couldn’t get it to do anything.

The tutorial has animation as a subject you may want to read it there. I think the GWS tutorial explains better and basically the same.

Remember you have to Run the animation in the Run window to see the animation in WFS it doesn’t show it in the time line or work window.

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On GWS, what can you do with animation - besides playing on the second, minute or hour.

I see that on the first link - you can set a trigger. Can that be done on the GWS also.

I thought you were asking about WFS not GWS that is why I gave you the WFS tutorial and WFS added triggers recently. GWS does not have triggers.

You can use the timeline for time, battery % and Step % and I’ve seen some people use a mask over animations to hide or show them with a tag or a gyro effect. (for example lift your wrist up and turn it and it opens a hidden panel showing the watch gears)

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So there’s no trigger to start animation in GWS right?

WIth your suggestion of hiding and displaying - that would mean the animation is always active - ie taking up cpu. Or is the software smart enough not to play animation if totally hidden.

I would assume that the greatest power use is lighting up the LEDs and since there is very little difference between a continual animation showing and the cover that is showing.

In a FAQ for performance for WFS designing it says
objects that are not displayed by style selection or conditionals do not affect performance because they are not rendered.

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