Another registration error?

Hello, everyone.
On January 13, 2023, my Watch Face was approved by Google.

As of now, it still can’t be found in the Google Play app, nor can it be downloaded. (Except with PC browser).
It usually takes about 1-2 days to find the Watch Faces in the Google Play app.
Having trouble signing up with Google again?
Does anyone else have this problem?
Of course, I will only make a phone app when the watch face is found, otherwise the users will only get the phone app.
By the way, I have already deleted my cache and the data of the Play app several times. Without success.

From the computer it shows it compatible with both GW4 and GW5 but from mobile it says no compatible devices and it doesn’t pop up with the watch playstore search.

did you contact play store about it

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron.
Yes, I contacted support and got the following answer.

Thank you for contacting us about an app you cannot find on Google Play. The following information should help you resolve the issue. If not, simply reply to this email.

The easiest way to find an app is to search for it in the Play Store. However, there are various reasons why you cannot find the app there:

  • The app is not available in your country or region.*
  • The app is not compatible with your device. Learn more about device compatibility*
  • The developer has removed the app from the Play Store. In this case, you can contact the app's developer and ask them to make it available again.*
  • You have not confirmed your age. You can verify your age in your Google account.*
  • The app is rated Adult and our systems indicate that you are under 18 years old. Learn more about age ratings on Google Play*

Once you’ve found an app in the Play Store and installed it, you’ll see it in the Apps section of your smartphone. To see installed apps, swipe up from the bottom of the screen on most Android phones.

Very helpful, isn’t it?

I looked and
the app is available and listed as compatible in the PC there are no other reasons. It just has not propagated to the Watch Store.

I’d make the bundled Phone usually it will say this device is available for other devices or you can tell them now to download it from the PC. I used to be against having the bundles but someone pointed out that is the only way you get them listed in the seller Brand page so I changed my mind.


I can only upload a bundle (phone app) when the watch face can be found in the Google Play app. Otherwise you only get the companion app and cannot download the watch face.

I have now re-uploaded the Watch Face under a new name and submitted it to Google for review.
If this doesn’t work now either, I’m afraid that the error from 1/2 year ago will appear again.

I’m wondering why it’s only been happening to me so far.
I’ll just wait and see.

You are not alone, we are also starting to experience the same problems again. Been out of review passed now for three days

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Hi. I search your WF TSD45 in the Playstore. Once on the PC and once on the Playstore app on the mobile phone. The watchface is displayed and I can download it for my Galaxy Watch 5.

Playstore PC:

and Playstore Mobile Phone:

Yes. Thank you for the information. :grinning:Apparently the Watch Face has been registered and discoverable since last night.

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