AOD face doesn't adjust to ambient light

Hi @r.liechty_SDR,

I’ve noticed that the built-in Samsung factory watch faces have the ability to automatically change the brightness of their Always On Display (AOD) modes, depending on the ambient light in the room.

Eg. the brightness of the AOD face will get dimmer if there is less ambient light in the room, and it will get brighter if there is more ambient light.

These factory faces behave this way, for example:

  • Stretched Time
  • Fluid Number
  • Simple Classic
  • Simple
  • Kinetic Digits

However, the AOD face of my custom watch face from WFS doesn’t do this. Instead, it only supports auto-brightness with the active watch face, but never with the passive AOD face.

Is this intentional? Or is it a bug in Wear OS or One UI? Why do the factory faces support AOD auto-brightness, but the custom faces don’t?

It’s quite annoying to have my AOD face “dim” because I was in a darker room when I last turned it on, and then I walk into a brighter room and the AOD face remains dim and unreadable, instead of adjusting automatically. The AOD on our Galaxy phones can auto-adjust, so I think the watches should too. :slight_smile:

I agree but again I think this is because they have to keep the OPR under 15% and I don’t think the Factory has to. I think this is something for a Samsung Members feature request.

Samsung Developer Relations

I just installed the new firmware R960XXU1AWK4 onto my Galaxy Watch6 Classic, and now the AOD mode of my custom watch face automatically dims based on the room’s ambient light. :partying_face:

So it looks like this was indeed a bug, or a missing feature, that the devs have finally fixed. I’m happy about that!


Hello! Can I ask you to test the auto-brightness AOD function on my watch face. A client wrote to me that after updating his Galaxy Watch 6, auto brightness did not work on my Watch face. Here is a promotional code for free installation. I will be very grateful!


Where can I find your watch face? Can you give me a link to it on the Play Store?

I’m also not sure how/where to use the promo code.

I have tested and auto-brightness AOD works correct

It’s on Google Play. During installation, enter the promotional code for a free download. Either install, please test and return immediately, or I will return it myself using the purchase ID. Thank you!

Thank you very much! Now I will inform the client that everything is working. He probably hasn’t received the update that corrects this error yet. Thank you!

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OK, tested and deleted :slight_smile:

Just tried but it says the code has already been used - presumably by @Raydesign :wink:

Let me know if you’d like me to test it as well. I have a Galaxy Watch6 Classic, running the new firmware that was released this week.

Thank you very much for your answer. We have already tested it and the client confirmed that AOD auto-brightness is already working on his watch. Probably the update in his country came with some delay. Thank you!

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