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I have created a WF based on Tizen’s ‘Analog Pro’.

Now. On my Tizen watch I was always use AOD, and it didn’t make the battery life any worse (I felt it was better for the system to keep the screen on, than constantly wake up the CPU when I raise my arm to check the time)

Now with WearOS this is different, my AOD drains the battery massively! More than 25% of battery consumption is AOD.

I trim the hands to minimum. And I use the lowest possible number of images. Also I have an opacity setting for AOD mode so the WF is more darker in AOD. Oh and of course I disabled second hand in AOD.

Is there a way to massively decrease the battery drain?

This is the WF:

It is just guess, I would try to disable the weather, maybe the watch does have to search for response to your location during being in AoD. Not sure what do you have in the bottom subdial, but it maybe triggers the location too.

Thank you! Bottom dial is a secondary clock (for different timezone), so it doesn’t involve any location access.

Is there any way to trigger the weather location queries rarely when we are in AOD? Same goes for HR measurements too, can we limit the measurements in AOD?

Anyway, for testing the performance I would disable them one by one to see if there is any difference in battery life at all.

On Tizen Watches you could leave debugging on and it had very little or no affect. On the Wear OS devices if you leave debugging on it will really eat up the battery. Make sure you are turning that off before anything else. It is so easy to leave on after sideloading a watch face.

Wear OS is a smart watch and adapts to usage. When you first get a watch the battery life is not nearly as long as it will be in a few months. I went from one day to four day battery life in 2 months.

Your watch hands seemed pretty bright too. It is suggested you put a semi-opaque grey image as top layer for your AOD that seems to be a very good way to lower the OPR and extend battery life.

For permissions make sure that they are only when in use not on all the time especially GPS.

I would not show the heart rate in AOD mode especially if you have it reading quite often but I’m not sure on that so like Peter said give it a try and see if it makes any difference.

Let us know what you find out, it will help everyone.

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Wow, I left the debugging on. Thank you, will disable now and give it a try.

Anyway watch hands in AOD are 30% opaque, so it shall not cause any huge drain IMHO.

Thanks again!