App rejected because of "Blocked By Play Protect"

I have submitted an app for review and it was rejected because of “Blocked By Play Protect” warning. “Play protect doesn’t recognise this apps developer

The app is already present in Google Play Store, but with a different package name and signing certificate (managed by Google).

Samsung package ends in “.gs” and uses a separate signing certificate (from Unity UDP), so is effectively a totally different app.

I am thinking that Android on the reviewer’s android device is detecting the app is not present on Google Play thus giving the Play protect warning. (Certificate & package name not recognised)

But its being installed from Samsung Store - not Google Play so the error means nothing - of course Google don’t recognise it - its not on their system. Its on Samsung’s.

I am aware there are other topics with this error, but I believe I have done everything needed to submit. Obviously other people are submitting apps without problems? - so I must be doing something wrong…


As you said they have different package name, just by that Google considers you app a different app than the one that you have on Play Store.

The certificate itself doesn’t do much in this case, just use the one you used to upload the app to play store, even if they sign it again with a different one.

An advice, just upload the new app to playstore to register the package name, even if the app gets rejected, just by being on googles system is enough to remove this error… honestly submiting that form where you send the apk link to remove this error does not work, or at lest takes a long time

I’ll give what you said a try. Knew there must be a simpler solution :blush:

Thanks for the help.

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