Sudden issues with multiple apps giving "Blocked by Play Protect" popu

I have multiple apps on Galaxy Store for many years and I decided to upgrade them for targetSdk 33 recently. I have upgraded a few so far and suddently found out that the apps are getting “Blocked by Play Protect” popup when installing from Galaxy Store. Because of this issue, many of my apps have been suspended from Galaxy Store. Some points to mention here are

  1. All of those apps are published in Google Play Store.
  2. All of the apps are using same package name.
  3. Some of the apps are using the same key as in Play Store while some apps are using different key on the two stores.
  4. The apps which are not getting “Blocked by Play Store” also don’t have a determining reason. Some of those apps are using different keys and some of the apps are using same keys on both stores.
  5. Only those apps have this problem which have a target Sdk as 33.
  6. The apps which have a targetSdk of 32 or lower are not getting any such message from Galaxy Store.
  7. All those apps whhich are suspended from Galaxy Store are installing fine when downloaded from Play Store and do not give “Blocked by Play Store” message.

Please help in finding a resolution to this.

I had this same problem a few months ago.

Use this link to submit the form: Play Protect Appeals Submission Form - Play Console Help

  1. Enter your email address.
  2. In ‘Application package name’ put the same package name that you used in your apk.
  3. In ‘SHA256 Hash of the apk of the uploaded file on Virus Total’, you will have to enter this website: ( and choose your apk to verify if it’s safe. When the verification is complete, go to the ‘details’ tab and copy and paste the SHA256 code (it’s a long code)
  4. In ‘Additional information to support your appeal’ explain that the ‘Blocked By Play Protect’ pop up is appearing but that the apk has already been verified in Virus Total and that there’s no malware.
  5. Finally, submit the form. In a few minutes it will be ready. (Google doesn’t send an email notifying you that the form has been accepted, so you’ll have to test your apps yourself to be sure.)

I’m sorry, my English is terrible but I hope it helps you. :slight_smile:

Thank you. You have explained it very well. I am going through the process and will get back with results for confirmation.

You’re welcome. It’s usually a very quick process, but a little annoying if you have a lot of apps. I hope everything goes well!

Thank you very much for helping with this. I do have a lot of applications and I am writing to confirm that the first 3 applications which I submitted to Play Protect Appeals have gone through fine and are not giving “Blocked by Play Protect” message anymore. I resumitted those apps on Galaxy Store developer portal and were reinstated by the review team. I will now be doing the same for remaining apps.

I’m glad it helped you. I know it’s hard work but good luck! :slight_smile: