Play Protect and Installation Error!

App review says “The unsafe warning of play protect and installation error (-22) occurs when installing app”.

Im not so sure, how Samsung Seller Portal has to do anything with Google Play? Also, how do I fix such issue so the Play Protect allows the installation.
Thank you.

Can you be more specific on what this is about. I assume that this is a reaction to App Review process but am not sure.

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Hi Ron,
Thanks for the replay. Yes, as I am quoting it above, that App Review Team Says.

They reviewed my app, it was approved and ready for sale on Samsung Galaxy Store. After a week or so, another Review Team come back to my inbox e-mail with a short video which referred about the Play Protect.

For example, I have to submit an appeal to Google Play review team.

It doesn’t make any sense, but it is true.
However, I already submitted an appeal and attached to them the .apk file, already gone two weeks now. Google Play Team Review, has never replayed.

Now that’s my question. Why should a Samsung Developer has to interact with Google Play App review Team, when itself Samsung Store Seller has its own Review Team.

Play Protect is built into All Android devices someone could disable it in the Play Store settings but that would be a bad user experience unless it was for beta testing.

I saw one other report of this in stackoverflow and it was a setting.

We’ll need information . Can you open a support request and ask that Ron be copied.

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Hi Ron,
Thank you for the reply and the help.
True, anyone can disable it but review team couldn’t.
It is a full app, not beta testing.
Will contact them and include you as reference, thanks again.


Since the report was after your app was released. A user may have complained. Sorry I don’t know much about Android App Signing or if you need both that and Samsung certificates.

I’m interested in how this turns out… I’m sorry I’m not of more help with mobile development.

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Hi Ron,
Still trying to make it happen, if there is a solution, I will get back in here and let you all know.
Thank you for your help.


I’m facing this error, too. Do you find out a solution?

Sorry, I don’t have a solution.
I just gave up on it.


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Hi Lauran,
I am working with other developers to address similar installation issues. I would like to look into this. Can you please open a support request ( so we can start investigating.