Expo Android Project - Blocked by Play Protect


I’ve been developing a small app to upload it at Galaxy Store.

But when I submitted it, it has been rejected due to my app has been “Blocked by Play Protect”.

I’ve signed the app using the generated keystore that expo generates for you.

I don’t want to pay 25$ for getting access to Google Play Console, I’m sure that there must be a way to correctly sign my app in order to not get rejected even before test it…

I’ve searched for info through this forum and all that I see is “Open a support ticket…” but no-one says how to solve it or even if they have solved it.

What can I do? Thakns and best regards.

You have to get it white listed by Google. Samsung Reviewers can’t open the app so they can’t review it if it is blocked by Play Protect.

see the answer HERE to submit it.

Samsung Developers Relations