My app not compliant with google play

Hi all,

I’ve made a watch with WFS and I try to put in the google store WEAR OS.

After many exchange with google, the last message from us is :

Issue found: Basic functionality of app isn’t working as described

The basic functionality of your app doesn’t work as described. Make sure to test your app on a variety of Wear OS devices and configurations. Please refer to the Building Apps for Wearables and Testing your App documentation for more information.

Issue details

We found an issue in the following area(s):


Additional notes related to this issue:

  • For example, your application does not match what is shown/described on the store listing.

About the Wear App Quality Guidelines

We do not accept apps into WearOS that don’t adhere to Wear App Quality Guidelines.

I have no idea of the problem. I read some forum who speak about ‘security data’…I’ve tried this but it doesn’t work anyway.


Watch faces made using WFS can be downloaded and installed for any Wear OS watch devices, regardless of manufacturer, as long as the device targets Wear 2.0 (API level 28) or higher.

If you didn’t specify that you will be rejected.
If you don’t have the required Data Privacy Policy published and listed you will be rejected

See this thread several people said they had the Split Bundle issue and just resubmitted.

Samsung Developer Relations

I didn’t know you had to specify " API level 28 or higher". (But I’ve done Data Pivacy Policy).

So I’ll try again and let you know.

Thank you Ron.

Just sharing. On the 16th of May ’22, I receive an e-mail from the Google Play Team than my app ‘com.watchfacestudio.sirius’ was rejected for not adhering to the Google Play Developer Program Policies. The message went on to say “SPLIT_BUNDLE 1” that the “refresh heartrate did not function as described in the store listing”.

I went back to WFS and rebuild a version 2. I did nothing else and resubmitted it (Create new release). Next day the app was approved and it was live. I’m perplexed, I practically did nothing else, let alone read the long-winded program policies.

I have to date about 50 Wear OS apps published and on sale in Google Play. 90% of these apps were recycle .wfs files where I make changes to the assets and arrangements for new apps. How is it that an app can be rejected when the rests went through - if the testers (Google Play Team) themselves are inconsistent with their own program policies?

Therefore, I have come to accept that there are testers amongst Google Play Team whom have no idea Wear OS or Smartwatches. Seems they are fresh computer science students, work with a given scrip/manual/sop. To explain things that they don’t understand, they will give you a link to an “encyclopedia of nothingness” to keep you off their back until some other unfortunate member lands with your issue.

So, I shall live with it.

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