Update about rejected app

I ended up stripping all the different themes in my app. And created a stripped down, basic version, with no customization.

I get an email stating that my app, now “complies with their guidelines for creating apps for Android Wear”.

Cool right? App should be live right?

I ask, when will my app be live, and available for download. They email me, and say it’s live, and available for download. I check, it still says, “This app is not available for any of your devices”. I check developer console, it says, under (Advanced settings> Release types> Wear OS), it says Update rejected. Under device catalog, all the devices say Review failed.

I email them back, and they email me back insisting its live, and available for download. That it’s only available for download on supported devices. I know this, I checked the play store on my Galaxy Watch 4. It is not live, and available for download on my watch.

They have to be messing with me!!!

What’s really bugging me. I want to work on other watch faces. But I’m having to spend energy on these shenanigans.

New update. They are now saying it still has eligibility issues.

They are absolutely messing with me!!!

Check on your mobile phone to see if it is there when you search for it.

Everyone says it may take several days before it is propagated and visible on a watch.

Samsung Developer Relations

I appreciate the help, I truly do. But I think the reviewer at Google is messing with me. I uploaded basically the same watch face. Same configuration, just different material. Tho, that one hasn’t gone live yet. It looks poised to do so. It reads Active under (Advanced settings> Release types> Wear OS), and every device says supported. This watch face is basically the same watch face, just different colors. And that one seems like it’s going to pass, while this other one they are claiming has eligibility issues.

It is hard to tell why it is being held up, it may be as simple as you submitted a .png image instead of .jpg or the privacy statement.

All I can say is we are aware of the issues sellers are having.

Samsung Developer Relations

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If Google rejects the app. After fixing the error, go to the report and click the Resend button for review.

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I do not find such a button in the Google Play account.
Can you please tell me where is the “resend” button?
I would be grateful if I posted a screenshot with this button.

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There should be a resubmission window somewhere in Step 4. Until this is done, you can wait for days and nothing will happen.

But this window only appears if rejected by google. And by the kind of mistake. In this case, it is if you do not like the image.

(Advanced settings with Wear-os another story. Changes pictures and waits.)


When something is rejected, I can restore the information. But it won’t be so soon.

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Thanks for the detailed instructions!
I think I figured out what the problem is with my rejected release!

I understand quality control, but being rejected for a screenshot being a .png, rather then a .jpg, is just ridiculous. Also, doesn’t .png files have better quality?

This sort of stuff, needs to be fixed. It’s not reasonable.

Update, So the second app I uploaded. Which was basically the same app/watch face with different colors, all I did was swapped material between the two, was approved, and gone live in the play store for download. I ended up unpublishing the one that kept getting rejections.

Everything between the two, was basically identical. In the way they were built, in the way it was listed on the play store, and screenshots. The only difference between the two was color. Nothing else.

This is all strange. I send screenshots to the store in png format and they are correctly verified. I don’t know what to think about it anymore?

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It’s approved, and or rejected on the reviewers personal whim I bet.

:sweat_smile:They demand perfect images. However, when I review my apps in the Play Store, the images I see in my ads are awful… :joy:

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