How to publish Google Play Store app on Samsung Store to overcome Play Protect issue

I have already published my apps on Google Play Store and now wants to publish it on Samsung store but whenever I publish it on Samsung Store, I came across the App suspend issue due to following reason…
The unsafe warning of Play Protect and Installation error (-22) occurs when installing app.

Do I need to sign the apk file with same key I signed on Google Play Store or different key? Please suggest.

How to fix this when submitting app on Samsung Galaxy Store and same app published on Google Play Store also?

If you have an app already in a different store and you plan to publish in Galaxy Store, it is recommended to use a different package name. If that is not possible, we can discuss other alternatives. Can you please open a Support Request so we can look into this?

Thank you!

I have submitted the request.

Hello, so far we have not received your Support Request.

Thanks for your sharing. Here is the guide when using the app at the great PlayStore. Can use the apk mod for the latest version