App to design face for Gaxy Watch3

Hi, I have installed the Galaxy Watch Studio and designed my watch. Not very user friendly and finally I found that it does not connect my watch. When I try to send the face to my watch, it does not see the watch and not allowing me to register either.

Is there a solution to this or easier way to Design a Face?

I am trying to design something like this for my watch. I am not interested in reselling.

Hope you can help.


Hello Gio,
connection and certificates are the most asked problems here. Sometimes even if you have done all needed steps right, you just have to try it multiple times, until the program connects your watch.

For user friendly designing and connecting I would have suggested you to use the, if it wasn’t for their pricing policy (some useful features are locked until you pay) and high battery consumption. As for the hobby of creating faces I occasionally play there, but do not sync them to my poor gear S3.

On the other hand, when I look at your image, GWD/GWS can not provide phone battery info, same as it still can not combine steps with weather info. From what I read and observed here, I guess it never will.