How to send theme from theme studio to device?

When I click on the button “Apply to Device” in Theme Studio it always show your device is not connected. What reason can be there?. While device is connected and debuging is on on it.

make sure you installed Adb tools system wide in your pc and authorize it when its prompt on your phone

I’m having the same issue.

Any other thoughts on this? I’m having the same issue. Development mode ON, and debugging ON…still not connecting. Is it because I am on S8?

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Option 1:

Make sure you have installed the ApplyToDeviceTool from GTS
Open it and choose the APK File

Option 2:

Export as Preview APK
put the Preview APK to your Phone
Open Theme Store
Install the APK
Go to Theme Stores > My Themes


If you are testing theme on Android 11 supported device and unable to install themes through Apply to Device.
Then do the following steps I hope they will work for you.

1- Do a reboot to you device.
2- After reboot, open Theme store and minimise it.
3- Run Apply to Device and select your theme APK and press install.
4- Close minimised Theme store app on successful installation.
5- Open again Theme Store and select your newly installed theme from my themes.

If you still face the same issue retry same process without reboot but don’t forgot to re-run Apply to Device app every time.

In my cases theme install after 4 to 5 retries.


thanks all. Still no luck. I’m sure there must be a valid reason this isn’t working.

I see that you said you have an S8, if the S8 is not on Android 10 or higher then yes this is likely the issue. Current themes are only compatible with Android 10+.

Thanks. I think you are right. I had a feeling that might be the issue. Time for a new phone.

Before I purchase a new phones - does anyone know if we (theme designers) get any discounts on Samsung products or phones? I’m based in New Zealand.

They used to have a discount program but you could always get better deals anyway, at least in the U.S. But everything is on sale here :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure they did away with the developer discount program.

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thanks for the information

The private group for theme sellers only has nearly 80 sellers in it, and there is lots of info that is easily searchable, especially for new theme developers. Feel free to try them out, they are good people that like to help…