Galaxy Themes Studio "Apply to device tool"

Hello everyone, i just recently been accepted to create galaxy themes. being a photographer I always wanted to put some of my images out there, the first few I made were just wallpapers, but now doing some actual icons etc. Now I have searched the web and have searched these forums and cannot find any info on it. I Upon completing a theme and saving APK file. I tried to use the tool "Apply to device tool 1.01, which a lil window pops up to select a APK file and then apply to device button is bellow. Now, i connected my phone to the laptop via usb and figured that was it. but when i click apply to device, gives me message that my device is not connected. I cannot find any info on how to connect my device to be recognizable by the tool whatsoever. Can anyone shed some light onto this?

Thank You in advance.

Never mind, figured it out. Had to set phone to developer mode and activate debug by usb mode.

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Welcome to the program, please feel free to join our private FB group where you’ll find useful information especially needed by new themers :slight_smile: