No new themes being approved in the past week

The latest new themes in the store were registered on the 19th of August 2022 and nothing after that. Does anyone know what’s going on?

Latest themes in the new list are dated 8/24, yesterday. I’ve had themes both approved and rejected this week.

Not sure why you are seeing different.

Weird… I checked more than a few new themes, they are all dated on 17-19. And I have about 20 themes pending, some of them uploaded/updated more than 2 weeks ago, only got like 2 rejections and 2 approved in the past week (since the 17th until today). Also, half of my pending themes are under the “device test delayed” status. Icons, wallpapers and AODs get approved in 2-3 days, though. Could it be because I’m not adding Fold to the theme’s device list anymore? And now, with the release of Fold4, they’re focusing more on themes that include Fold?

It seems this happens every August when new devices are released, They are validating for new devices and there are a lot of vacations so the reviewers get backlogged. I think it is a bit worse this year than previous years.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Good to know… this is my first August as a themes designer. :slight_smile:

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