Author certificate log in screen not showing

When i’m trying to create an author certificate everything goes well until this happens:

When first getting to this page it says “Loading…” for a smal amount of time. But after that it just goes white and nothing else happens.

I don’t know if there is a solution for this. Microsoft has discontinued support for Internet Explorer so the seller portal will not allow uses to log in with that. Apparently the java library that GWS uses to connect to the Samsung Server has an IE component signature.

See this thread for some possible solutions
basically generate the Author and Distributor certificates using Tizen Studio
Use a command line tool to push your .tpk to your watch.

Good luck



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That’s… Okay.

Is there a CLI (Command Line Interface) for generating certificates?
That would make this process so much easier for me.



I don’t know of any CLI for this. I believe it is scripted.

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I am having exact same problem. Is there a solution please?

Thank You


There is no good solution. They are not going to update Galaxy Watch Studio. You need to generate the certificates using Tizen Studio.

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Okey I already have them generated through Tizen studio. How do I proceed to use them in galaxy watch studio? I would like to upload my skin to the watch only…

Read these possible solutions but I’m not sure you can build the .tpk for a first time. I’ll need to look into that.

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