Author Certificate. Looking for option: "Type of Certificate"

I have submitted my Tizen watch app numerous times, to the Samsung Seller Portal, and it gets rejected because I used the SDK key. The app is free, native, and stand-alone.

My experience in Certificate Manager goes exactly as shown at this link:

This procedure never fails to produce a certificate that always fails on submisson.

I sent an inquiry to the Samsung Seller Portal and received this answer:
“please note that the error has occurred due to using the SDK default key for signing of the ‘author key’, the key that identifies users.”

On this procedure linked above, I can not see how to sign the Author Key with anything else except the SDK key.

I also followed this tutorial:

This procedure shows in step 2, a dialog box were you can select “Type of the certificate”

I was never able to see this dialog box. If I can find this box and select the type of certificate, then maybe it might work? Any suggestions on how to find this box? Or any other suggestions?

It looks like you are using a Tizen Author certificate instead of a Samsung Author Certificate. See this page for certificates for Samsung Store.

Samsung Developer Program

The problem was that the Certificate Extension SDK was not installed, so the necessary options were not showing up in the Certificate Manager.
Thanks for your help.