Signing Key - Android and Tizen (Host / Companion app)

I am getting this error while trying to upload my host app to galaxy store:

Signing Key of all registered binaries must be the same, and the same Signing Key used for binaries in the previous version must be used.

I already create the certificate using android keystore… Anyone know why this is happening? and the solution?


You have to use a Samsung Author’s Key for the Tizen App and for the Android Binary companion app.


I did it. At least I think I did, lol.

According to SAP Programming guide I should use the Android keystore to create my Samsung Author’s key… which I did. Is that all? or am I missing something?


Did you use that Author’s Key for Tizen Studio?
I’m getting my information from the store ops team and I may be misunderstanding.

Samsung Developer Relations

I developed the android and and watch app. After developing the android app, I generated the signed APK, and for that I had to create a keystore. This keystore that I used to generate the signed apk I used to create a new Author’s certificate on tizen studio (as the SAP Programming Guide shows), then I generated my watch app file using this author’s certificate.

Then I created one new app on the sellers portal. I uploaded the watch app (without no problem), but when I try to upload the apk, it gives me this error message.

HI Dect,

What Samsung differentiator do you use in your APK. If you don’t use Samsung API of some sort you need to upload the companion app to Play Store.


Only Samsung Accessory Protocol.

I don’t know if that counts or if you are to use Android Accessory Protocol (since you may want people with a smart watch and non-Samsung mobile to use your app.

I’ll try to find out more information next week. This can’t be that hard there are a lot of Galaxy Watch apps using companion apps.

I wish I could help more.


I hope that counts, I’m not gonna pay (googles fee) to publish a free app… lol

Anyway, thanks!

The only advise I got from the Store ops team was to start anew.

Just register a new content ID with the updated signing key? I’m guessing they are seeing that error due to the fact that the APK they previously has uploaded to that CID was signed with a different key.

I hate to see you have to do all this work for a free app, I’ve never registered an app and watch companion app maybe it is something I should try.

Samsung Developer Relations

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