Automatic language for Weather description

GWD manual says about the language of the weather type description:

"Select a language. This is the language in which the description will always be displayed. Or, set the language to default to display the description in the language based on the language setting of the phone to which the watch is paired. If the phone’s language is not supported, the description is displayed in English."

If I set the language to default, it still always shows the weather type description in English, it doesn’t change even if my phone language is set to Spanish, Italian, German…

Is there any solution? Am I doing something wrong?


I think this has been already mentioned before , for now the weather description is only in English.
the sync with device option does not work.
There is a solution:

  1. Use bitmap fonts and put the weather description in that particular language , the issue is you will have to make a separate watch face for each different language
    This already has been pointed out to Ron from the Samsung development Program and they are aware of it

OMG, I’m new with GWD and thought I was doing something wrong.

Then, it’s a Samsung issue because any other strings like day of the week or month it works well with language detection.

Hope they can fix it soon, it’s a shame you have to publish separate watch faces only for the weather type description issue.

Anyway, thanks for the quick answer.

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I don’t know if the local languages are supported in the Free OpenWeatherMap API. I’ll check on this.

Weather data and Time data are from different libraries. So the days of week and such which are supported by the ICU are totally different and the localized languages are far more extensive than the weather API.

Samsung Developer Program

Oh, this could also be the problem… and a disappointing one if true.

Well, the Free OpenWeatherMap API works in local languages if you set the local language desired in GWD, instead of Default.
So… maybe it’s a GWD issue when retrieving the phone language?