Test Confirmation Rejected

Hello. I have created a weather watchface which is only for the German area. The weather description and the day of the week are in German. The description of the app says that it is a German version! This WF has now been returned to me with the reason:

The last line of description does not contain text(s) of your watchface image.
[Test Procedure]
Check that the app description contains the word(s) on your watchface image.
If there is word(s) in your watchface image, you should write them under “[Watchface Keyword]” in the last line of description field.

For example, if there is “Samsung Buz” in the watchface image, the words should be written in the last line of the field as follows.
[Watchface Keyword]
Samsung, Buz (Words must be separated with commas or space)

[Expected Result]
the word(s) of your watchface image should be in the last line of description.![Icon|500x500]

The word #Samstag is the German weekday name Saturday. I don’t know what to do.

Try putting something in the Review tab that tells them there is no additional text on the watch face, and that all fields are in German, then resubmit. Not much else you can do.

They will not reject common words but do not expect the review team to understand every language.

To be on the safe side put any non-English or non-Korean words on a watch face or uploaded images as the last line of your product description.

[Watchface Keywor] and any following words will not show in the Product Description page but will allow for the auto scanning for banned words and IP infractions.

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Appears the problem they are having is that the reviewers are interpreting the German translations of the fields as words they are using on the watch face…

For example, the reviewers are most likely looking at SAMSTAG and SCHNEE and thinking they are design words, when in fact they are SATURDAY and SNOW. There’s no easy way to list every day, month and especially weather condition as keywords in the description?

You wouldn’t have to list every day and month only the ones in the image. I’ve asked the review team for some clarification and also if a resubmission has to go through the entire wait time as well.

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Sorry but really this is going to be a joke. I have also to add “TH” to the keywords. Maybe Samsung not really understand but its not just we as developers getting frustrated about the situation, its also the customers which are asking more and more and more about the situation. Planning is currently impossible.

I understand that Samsung have to fight all the copyright problems and yes with millions of designs it is super hard to handle it, but the situation is currently horrible and the word “frustration” is not as close how it feels really.

:frowning: Matze - styles4you

I completely agree with this.
Last week, my watch face update was rejected due to the use of the “APP” word (used as a shortcut for custom app) :smirk:

I understand the frustration having to wait then be rejected for words that should not be necessary as Keywords. The last couple sellers that were rejected for keywords did not have to wait in the queue again but were promptly reviewed and passed after adding the word so the Keyword list. As time goes on any new reviewers will learn to recognize those abbreviations.

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I’m still waiting for my release. Submitted on 30.01. And yet, nothing released, even the English watchfaces.

Please understand that this has to be done. All current content is gong to be reviewed and only a limited number of new content is going to be reviewed until all the old is completed.

The delays are going to get longer before they get shorter. I think they are backed up for 7 weeks now.

Instead of submitting new watch faces sellers need to merchandise what is currently available.

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7 weeks!? That’s frustrating.

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I think everyone involved is doing all that can be done to expedite things.

No one likes it but there is a zero tolerance for IP infractions and it is retroactive and the reviews are mandatory.

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It would probably also be helpful if you made your watch faces multi-language and use tags to hide/show C/F and so forth. Releasing a lot of the same faces will slow things down. Just a suggestion.

Two WF has already been released. I think the break of L u n a r N e w Y e a r 's h o l i d a y has also contributed to the delay.

Unfortunately, in the weather descriptions, a multilingual selection is not possible.

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