Availability watch faces on Play Store and user complaints

yeah, i did it a couple of hours ago. Might it have something to do with the cerfitications?
" 1. Upload your certificate file and enter your password." I didnt get a file like this, so i didnt upload anything either.

But i didnt get a error message or anything, everything seemed to go smooth just that i cannot see the watch-face anywhere. Its not an app only the watchface

Hi, I’ve noticed that some of my watch faces have started to appear when using search in the Play Store, finally (it’s been a few days since they passed review).
The issue is, they’re visible under the “Watch” category, but when I select additional “Watch face” search category they disappear from the list. I’ve placed each in “Personalization” category, with additional “Watch face” category when submitting them, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Have others encountered this, and is it just another one of those issues that get sorted over time, or is there something I’m missing?

Hi Ron

Tell me how to place the GW 4 watchface for the Chinese Galaxy Store?
When downloading the binary, I get a system error every time.

I have always been able to search and find my watch faces from the day they were published.

If I go to play store then hit search for MW I get the option to choose Watch and even Watch Faces then I get the results of my faces.

The issue is when you go direct to the category Apps-Categories-Watch faces

You are presented with 9 or so faces in each of the sub categories Health and Fitness / Classic / Gallery / Artistic etc. I want to know how we get listed in these sub cats i was told its by downloads and algorithms google used.

Yeah you are right, but my experience with Play Store, it is part of “featured” section, and the list is defined by them (based on popular/sales/download). Not automatically generated by the downloads like on the Galaxy Store.

Has anyone had an actual sale so far on Play Store? Just 1 sale?

I just want to try to figure out if I am missing something, if people cannot find it, or they could not be bothered with searching for it through a browser.

Nope. The watchfaces are not easy to find. There are a lot of wf with In AP purchase. I can’t do this with my faces. So if no one knows the exact name of the wf or of the seller, we have nearly no Chance to sell anything.

Welcome to the Play Store :slight_smile: It is not like Galaxy Store which exposes new watch faces and clear ranking. You will need to constantly promote your product and build the brand so many users will search your brand. It is a search-based store, just like Google.


Someone reported last week that all their GW4 watch faces were suspended after being approved. It may be that the .aap and .apk issue is not resolved. If you still have an issue this week open a new topic on this and I will take it up with the review team to see if they have a reason.

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes, finally something more fair ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, it doesn’t help also that the moderator in Reddit deleted all of my Wear OS posts, even the free ones.

Here is a review i got from an unsatisfied customer from a country that Google has suspended activity there but they can redeem coupons, but it seems he doesn’t know about the bug when downloading the watch with a coupon and when i tried to explain him and even gave him a link with the video from youtube that Samsung made about how to install the watch face for wear OS.

Review: Watchmaker is a scammer! Selling a watch face that can’t be installed! Where can I download the installation apk file? Not through Google Play Market! Give me a link, thief!

Every few hours he will delete his review and post a new one with demands and being rude while blaming me that he cannot install the watch face that he got for free.

Look here:

I have the same problem. I will probably delete this country from the list.

Nevertheless, such ratings come about because the Watch Faces cannot be downloaded in the Google Play app.

We developers are the whipping boys for Google/Samsung.

Please report the review to Google. The guy seems to be looking for trouble.

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That’s exactly what I’m going to do. Remove from the list of countries my Watch Faces can download. I can do without such customers.

I have removed the country from my watch faces, i don’t have a problem with the normal people of that country i can understand what the majority is going through since i have relatives leaving there. But this is not a political site nor it’s my place to decide what is wrong or right. But user complaints with no base by being rude and since there is nothing i could do solve the problem facing in the store, forced me to remove it.

The problem with coupons will be that they will just use them anyway and every coupon will be going to waste since they will not be able to download the watch face.

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I’m doing it right now. I feel sorry for people from this country who are sane in mind, but I am not willing to get involved in this war.

Hello everyone.

We’re very empathetic with what’s going on in the world, but this is a technical forum. If you want to discuss the broader political issues, there are plenty of places to do so. I’m asking that everyone refrain from making or responding to divisive political statements on these forums.

I know there are issues with platforms allowing negative reviews in retaliation for supporting or opposing the conflict. If this appears to be happening on your products on Galaxy Store, please let us know by emailing to support@samsungdevelopers.com and we’ll work with the Galaxy Store team to have them reviewed and possibly removed.

Thank you.

Eric C