Play Store issue: no "watch face tag"

Hi to all the stressed out watch faces publishers for Wear OS on the Play Store.

Play Store: new weeks, new problems (as usual from the wicked Google administration).

The issue of the “watch face tag” seems to be back: all the recent watch faces released on the Play Store DO NOT include the “watch face” tag on the store listing even if they have been correctly selected on the Play Console.

This issue will not allow the watch faces to be correctly displayed on the charts and will be practically non-existent on the Play Store.

Personally I have a watch face that has been released for more than 10 days but on the Play Store it is not categorized as a watch face and therefore non-existent to end users.

Thanks Google, after a year your store is getting worse.

Please open support tickets to Google hoping this (yet another) issue will be resolved soon.

BTW, this issue is absolutely not dependent on Watch Face Studio. Samsung has only ever done a great job for us as designers.

UPDATE: after several requests for assistance, it now appears to have been fixed.


Hi, I released two watch faces yesterday and both have the same problem. The “digital” label is missing. Please, what should I do to fix the problem? I have everything set up correctly in the google console. Thanks to all for your help.

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Wait 2/3 days from release then you should see those options too …

Matteo, thank you i will wait…

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It seems to have started again.

Existing apps are also random
The watch face tag is gone.

Updates are the same.