Wear OS and Playstore

I know this isn’t the correct forum to ask this, and that this isn’t the correct tag… but, as many of you are delaing with that “adorable” play console and google forum and stackoverflow aren’t beeing very helpful, im asking here

After a couple of days trying, I finally found the correct away to release an wear os app on playstore, however, my app does not show on the playstore (phone and watch) only if the user search through the browser, which is a bad thing, because most of the people wont even know that the app exists… does anyone, please, know how to fix it?? Is there any setting im missing? Or any workaround?

Thank you! And once again, sorry for posting here


Congrats and being published !!

It is fine to post Play Store for Wear OS questions here. For some reason it takes a few days for the Watch Faces to propagate out and viewable in the Watch Face category.

Samsung Developer Relations

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In this case is an app not a watch face, but fingers crossed for it to work the same away :smiley: