[BATT_PER] bug after customization

Is there a bug with some tags after customization? I have a custom battery display using [BATT_PER], and after I use the customize feature on the watch, the battery percent stops updating. Switching to another watch face and back fixes it though. But, if I customize the colors/style on the watch, it stops again until I switch away and back from the watch face.

Hi. Any chance you are on Pixel Watch 2 / Pixel Watch 1 and also using [SC] tag on the same watch face?

It is a pixel watch 2. I’m not using [SC] though on the watch face. I do have a few customizable complications on there though that the user can set on the watch when customizing.

Hmm, I thought that error is caused by bad SC tag but it appears that there is more than just one issue. I can confirm same happens to me on Pixel Watch 2.

BATT_PER works, then you customize watch face, when you leave customization, BATT_PER reports full = 100%.
To fix, you need to switch to another watch face and back. I’ll try to ask Google Support about this. There are already two bug reports:

Pixel Watch 2 - Customization of Complication elements not working from mobile app (‘Empty’) [306202747] - Visible to Public - Issue Tracker (google.com)

Watch Face Format; SourceType STEP_COUNT not working on Pixel Watch 2 [305477774] - Visible to Public - Issue Tracker (google.com)

Thanks. That’s pretty much what I’m seeing. I also have a custom battery icon that uses the same tag, to show/hide and move the battery level that does the same thing. But, switching from and back to the face fixes it as well.