Best way to show UV?

is there a tag for UV index?
I dont see it as an option in short or long text, is there another option?

Hello, right now there is no UV tag.

Samsung Weather (wear) app provides UV Complication of RANGED_VALUE type.

Just add some complication slot in WFS with Ranged Value and be sure to move Ranged Value up in the list so it is prioritized (or tick Ranged Value only)


What do you mean move it up in the list?
I don’t see where you tick ranged value either.

You can rearrange these


If you want to prioritize Range value then you will need to drag it to the first position. Untick other types if you’re not willing to use them :slight_smile:

killer, thanks man! I hadn’t updated yet so just getting used to the new features.
Got it working now, thanks again.

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How do you get your complication to say UV 3 or UV 4 instead of moderate or high?

In your watch, you set a complication given from an app, that happens to show the info in the way you mention.

In your case, that would be Google Weather.

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thanks thats not what I was asking though. Im familiar with how to set a complication.
I was asking @amoledwatchfaces specifically how they got UV 3, UV 4, etc to show instead of low, moderate or high

@kswatch07 wrote it correctly. Different complication providers will show different value or formatting. I’m using Google Weather app for complications. Google Weather complication has Icon + UV xx formatting while Samsung Weather, shows long text (Moderate / Low / High) which is not suitable for short text complication.

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Ahh I misunderstood. Sorry @kswatch07
Thanks both, you’ve been very helpful.

pet topic of mine.
You have to understand the UV index is not 1 to 10 so numbers are kind of misleading. So 0 is total darkness in a cave below ground I believe the highest is in space with no atmosphere.
At sea level on earth 9+ is extreme
Anyway that is why meteorologist use the descriptions instead of the number.