Progress bar/ranged value complication displaying UV index wrong

I placed a ranged value (first image, left blue bar) to display the UV radiation index like in the second image, but despite the stock watchface (second image) showing the bar 50% full, it remains at 5% on the first image

The bar shows information like battery percentage correctly. And to make it show the UV index i went to “personalize” and selected it.

Thanks and sorry for my english

Does it show moderate on your digital dashboard watch face or is it low on that too? I think that the UV may only do low, moderate and high. The other options for Ranged Value work for me just that UV one.

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how did u add uv slider and the weather ?

Yes, in the digital watchface the bar is at the middle and it says “moderado” (moderate in spanish), in the custom one it olso says moderate (next to number 10), but the bar stays near number 8.


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I only get low so I couldn’t tell if it was wrong or not.

I think I found the reason UV Index Range It only goes from 1 to 11.
I imagine the system watch face multiplies it by 9 or something. I don’t know why the complication couldn’t do that… I really don’t know who to ask but I’ll try.

I’ll play with it and see if a min 1 and max 12 in the range value works better. Give it a try yourself


It didn’t make any difference. The factory digital dashboard has access to low lever API and they must be using that.


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