Ranged value complication: UV progress bar not working as intended?

When setting a ranged value complication and selecting the UV complication it will display the text correctly according to the UV at that time but the progress bar will remain at the same level when the UV is moderate, high or very high.

Should it not be changing according to the intensity of UV?

It should be, either it’s an error or Samsung Weather app is using min = 0, max = 0. This, and also sun icon during night are really bad issues which were not fixed in months. I’m currently using Simple Weather app for weather related complications & manually disabled Samsung Weather app with adb

have gone through the samples for creating a custom Android 2.0 watchface with support for complications. the document for ComplicationDrawable states that we can provide custom progressbars and use setRangedValueProgressHidden() to suppress the default UI.

UV index is a 0-10 index. [Edit] it did not work for min 0 max 10 either.

Samsung Developer Relations