Blocked by Play Protect' pop up is appearing while trying to install the app

I keep getting the same error. My apps are available in the Play Store and there is no problem, but I noticed that my apps that I could install were previously installed in the Play Store with apk format, but now Google accepts aab formatted files and my new apps (i.e. aab formatted in Play Store) are not available on the Galaxy Store. I keep getting an error when I try to install it in apk format. I think the controlling team may have an update problem on their device. I also tried this, I tried to upload my apps to Galaxy Store with a completely different key, only in apk format and without uploading to Play Store, but I still got the error. Please help and inform about this issue, what should we do to avoid these errors.

Also the tested device info is:
Detected Device: SM-G975U, SW Version: G975USQU1ASB9, Android OS version: 9

I replied in your other thread. Open a Developer Support ticket on this.

Samsung Developer Relations