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What is the difference between HealthConstants.Weight.MUSCLE_MASS (which is a % of the weight that is muscle weight) and HealthConstants.Weight.SKELETAL_MUSCLE_MASS (which is the Skeletal Muscle Weight in KG)?

The latter appears to have a more front-and-center appearance in the UI and the latter, I’m not sure where it is. Please advise.

Also, how does one record Bone Mass?



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I’m sorry, but I do not understand your suggestion. This question is about your Samsung Health SDK and your documentation surrounding those API’s to ensure that I am using your SDK properly and that my end-users understand the data that your App shows them. I believe that this is the correct forum for that.


Thanks for clarifying this Eric. It sounded like a end user question.

I assume you have read Samsung Health SDK documentation I didn’t notice anything in that

There is a documentation here on the Body Composition App

I think the Muscle Mass is used in the BMI calculations.

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Yes, I have read through your documentation and it is unclear what precisely the difference is. It would seem like the Skeletal Muscle Mass is a subset of the Muscle Mass, however, the former is the only thing that is displayed in your UI as far as I can tell. The value I am uploading is just “Muscle Mass” from the source, so I’m reluctant to map it to your more specific value. This is why I’m asking what the precise difference is in these.

Also, I do not see a way to upload Bone Mass in the API.

Please advise. Thanks.


Hi Eric,

Skeletal Muscle Mass is the voluntary muscles. I don’t know how you get bone mass. I think you are going to have to look at some Heath / Fitness or NIH site to see what each is for.

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