Bug change color on galaxy watch studio .. plz read more

I did not want to suggest it again, since the GWD team decided not to allow this feature in new versions any more. There is a workaround for overlapping images that worked last with version 1.6.2. and the watch faces you could see in store might be made with it.
If you are willing to sacrifice some new features, go trough possible trouble installing older version and risk that Samsung may decide to stop supporting watch faces created with older GWD version, then check this thread: How to make changeable watch hands with fixed tapping area?

Is there no other software to do this? I do not know how to code…

Hi Sasan,

Galaxy Watch Studio does not work on layers in the same way Photoshop does. There is a tutorial on Set as buttons that may help you.

I think you’ll find that the watch designs you see in the store for the most part do not have full 360 x 360 images and require tapping in different sections to change images.

Galaxy Watch Studio development team is aware of this issue and has a solution on the roadmap but I don’t know when it will be implemented.

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