Action button change image works differently in 2.0.1?

It has been a while since I used GWS. If I remember it right when an image uses Action to change image, only the image’s pixel area is affected. With 2.0.1, the affected area covers the entire area that the image rotates?

For example, this watch face has a background image that uses Action to change different background image. A minute hand on top of background also uses Action to change different hand style. It used to be that I can double tap any area outside of the minute hand image, the background would change image.

Now, that is no longer the case. It seems 2.0.1 takes the minute hand pixel area * 360 degree (even though the minute hand only rotates 240 degree). Thus blocking the affective area of background Action, rendered background Action area useless.

I tested it on both Preview and an actual watch. Has it always worked this way, or this is something new?

I cant remember how it was with partial rotation, but it behaves like this since GWD became GWS and changeable hands started to work in a way.
The only help is to keep the transparent image area around actual hand pixels minimal (cut it as tight as possible), and so keep the unusable area only as little as necessary.
Or if you do not need some of the extra features, you still can get back to GWD 1.6.2 and use the old trick.

Thank you for confirming it. I thought seller portal doesn’t accept new watch faces TPK created from GWD any more?

I don’t know what they do there any more. And do not care much since I am not accepted as well. For the period of tizens extinction there is enough other active people.

I just tested it with a new test project built from scratch in 1.6.2. It only works in preview mode, it behaves the same once pushed to the watch, bummer! It must have something to do with Tizen 5.0+, which is what Active2 is currently running on.

Even if you placed the hand off center? that is strange.

Yeah, I moved the hand off center and off the display area. Both block the background Action area completely. But works fine in the preview mode. Oh well, time to go with plan B. Thanks Peter.

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Are you talking about Tizen 2.x watch faces? I didn’t see any notice about that, I can check if you wish to know.
They of course accept Tizen 4 versions.

The hand covering 360 degree tap area has been like for a long time but there was a trick some designers used to move the hand for taps.


Thanks for confirming the action button. I’ll proceed with plan B.

No need to look up the TPK policy, I probably mixed up the policies between Galaxy Themes and Galaxy watch faces.