BUG: Half of the layers not showing in Galaxy Watch Studio

I’ve been working on a face for hours, saved it and exported it to my Galaxy Watch 3, the face is working with no issues what so ever.

But now, when I was going to continue on my project and opened my .GWD in Watch Studio, only half of the layers is showing in the list. I can export it to my watch and everything that is lost in studio is still installing to the watch and working but I can not see it in Studio.

If I extract the TPK into files everything that is lost is there, thats why it still installing to my watch but I can not see the actual layers in Galaxy Watch Studio.

The preview of my watch is showing complete when starting the program, but when I load it half is missing…

What am I supposed to do???

This is how it looks on the preview and in the watch when its installed:


And this is how it looks when I load it in Galaxy Watch Studio with the layers missing:


When I install it like this it still installs all that is missing also. Super strange…

Hi @KewiinG,
Try rebooting your PC. Just close GWS and restart your PC and then relaunch GWS. I hope this would resolve this problem.


Hello @azad!

Thanks but I already tried…

Do you see classes appearing on this board?

Hi @KewiinG,
If you don’t get any workaround then submit this as a bug report to Samsung Developer Program providing the gwd file and screenshots of the problem.



No. The timeline is just gone. The last thing in the timeline is like 1 hour into the making, from there and backwards everything is still intact. (And i’ve spent like 3 hours in total)

The wierd thing is that ALL that is missing from the timeline is inside the .TPK file, I can see it all if I extract it. But the Galaxy Watch Studio wont show it on the timeline if I load it.


I did submit this to the Developer Program.

The TPK is the build binary. GWD file is the project file. Unless you do a new build the TPK will not change.

First off check your video display settings and see if scaling is on, if it change it to something less than 150 and launch GWS. Scaling 200 and over seems to play havoc on the IDE.

You may have a corrupt GWD file. The GWD file is a .zip file you can make a copy of it, and rename it .zip and inspect it. In Res folder open Watchface.xml and see if you notice anything All the resources should be the same.

Samsung Developer Program