Bug on galaxy watch 5 pro After Last update

Since the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has been updated, WatchFace Studio cannot connect to the watch and gives the message
Failed to pair a device. (*ip:…)
Please need the data of the device or check your input
I also factory reset the watch, it has all the accesses and ADB debug for WIFi, …, but it won’t connect again.
Another problem is that the name of the caller is not displayed in the list of calls and text messages
Although there is a name and number in the contact and it was shown before the update.
Please Help me

Hi try again… i get that error when pairing… u can try again. For me it does work. Gw5 pro , wfs 1.5.7, wear os 4 ui 5

Make sure u are on same wifi network and u entered the correct ports.

Device port and pairing ports are different.

I see my contacts name on my watch when a call come in

Please check this response ADB/Bluetooth debugging issue - #27 by Boshra . Share if you face any specific errors.

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thank you for your answer.
In the list of calls, it only displays the number of the person who called and does not display her name.

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For me show list are random some show the name some dont…

Not displaying the caller name when the country code is not at the beginning of the contact number in the phone book after updating the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro to One UI 5.
It was displayed in the previous One UI

I have also just encountered this problem. Made a quick update to my watchface but it won’t connect to the watch anymore. Both in the same WiFi, correct IP etc., updated everything to latest. No idea what to try next!

Hi what have u tried. What the error , version of wfs?
Watch? Wear os version?.

Restart windows, and wfs just incase there another instance of adb running.

“Failed to pair a device. Please need the data of the device or check your input”.
I’ve done this hundreds of times, on numerous different occasions, a few months ago with no problems. Sitting at the same desk, using the same WiFi.

WFS v1.5.7 running on Windows 10

Galaxy Watch 5 (Y8GP) SM-R905F
Software version R905FXXU1BWH3 SM-R905FZAABTU
One UI version 5.0 Watch
System version 13
Wear OS version 4.0
Security software version ASKS v6.4 Release 20230119
Security patch level 1st July 2023

Take a look at @Boshra reply

And my topic

I am able to connect to my gw5 pro

Using wfs 1.5.7 and windows 11

My watch

One UI version 5.0 Watch
Wear OS version 4.0
System version 13
Security patch: 1 july 2023
Model: sm-r920
Security software version ASKS v6.4 Release 20230119

Take note of the last 2 comments i left in the guide post