Cant transfer watch face to watch

Hi after several hours trying to connect my watch to watch studio i have done it. I can connect to the watch but nothing happens on the watch. I have created a VERY simple watch face to test. But after clicking on my watch “SM-R875F” the word goes black for a few seconds and i get no errors but the watch face is not on the watch or phone app. What am i doing wrong?

After clicking on the Watch you then need to go back and select Run on Device again.

I think that is the only issue. If it doesn’t start running on device check your developer Options and make sure you have ADB debugging and WiFi debugging on.

the first time it may ask you if you want to allow the connection on your watch you have to say OK it.

Samsung Developer Relations


I do all of this but it still fails to connect even when I put the IP address in. And I haven’t see the watch ask “Allow connection.” This is frustrating coming from GWS. I can’t get my own face on the GW5!

Hello @rog1598215254,
Are you trying to connect your Galaxy Watch 5 with the Galaxy Watch Studio?

No. WFS. Is there a way to configure the watch? I have BT off-WiFi on-wireless and ADB debugging on but nothing. Also do I need a developer key or something like with GWS? I’m not,looking to sell, just use myself.

The way of connect watch with WFS:

  1. Connect watch and laptop on the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Turn on the development mode in the watch (Settings->About watch->Software->Software version (tap 5 times on software version))
    ** After tapping 5 times on the software version, a text appears that development mode is on
  3. Turn on ADB debugging mode for the watch (Settings->Developer options->ADB debugging).
  4. Turn Debug over Wi-Fi
    **If the IP address shows in the ADB Debugging → Wi-Fi, then it is connected, it always takes a minute for the connection and says unavailable until it connects.
  5. Click the run on device button in WFS.
  6. Put the IP address (watch IP address) in the connection box.

If you build (Publish on WFS 1.4.x) you create a Keyfile and that has all the certificates but I don’t think that is required to just run on device.

When I run on device I have to select the IP address each time and then hit run on device a second time.

And first time you run on the watch it will pop up a message select don’t ask again from this device.